(crickets chirping)


I am more than excited to bring you MORE ACCESS to what’s going on in my corner of the universe. After months and months of sitting on my butt and doing (mostly) nothing, I’ve put together a few schemes and I’m finally ready to start sharing!

As the year continues, I hope to hustle and bustle my way into making more things– anything, really. My focus is 2D art at the moment but I have been making other stuff (remember those schemes????)!


sleepscribblesArt will be working closely on projects with Fungeon Studios in the coming months- look for us! Look for me! Look for aliens. We’re going to be at several large comic book conventions on the east coast and we have a lot of weird stuff in the works.

I intend on making an effort to provide slightly stirring and strange content via this site, including all the other things shared on other social media. If you’re into local craft and arts shows in North Carolina, you are in luck! I kind of live there, and I’m kind of always at these events because I am extremely passionate when it comes to local artists and businesses.

Soooo, pretty much, keep your eyes peeled for updates! And weird doodles.


With love,

Nikita Leigh Hatmaker

Owner of sleepscribblesArt

Creative Director at Fungeon Studios

Big nerd





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