Hang Out In the Basement Simulator is LIVE!

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Some wonderful game developers from Ace of Wands Games (and friends!) , GL Mercer and Christie Rivera, released their game ‘Hang Out In the Basement Simulator’ today! They were generous enough to request some of my work to be used in the game and I happily obliged. I enjoyed being behind -some- of the scenes watching GL’s progress (mostly while eating pizza) on this game since it started out as a simple idea in our discord chat. It’s out for FREE, so please check it out! And if you love it, and/or want to see more work from them, please consider visiting their Patreon or donating to GL’s PayPal!

For now, the image used from the game can also be ordered in several forms here on Redbubble, but I will be opening my Storenvy this summer after Heroescon weekend and selling a limited run of 8×10 and 5×7 prints signed by yours truly and the Ace of Wands crew!


So let’s kick back, chill, and hang out in the basement.



Your Friendly Neighborhood Art Nerds: Mitzimaru (FLORIDA EDITION!)

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Mitzimaru, AKA Staci Durden is a freelance artist/illustrator from Northern Florida. Her works boast myriads of bright and ethereal color combos– her themes mostly whimsical and airy in nature. She’s just recently broken out into the world, but she’s been drawing ever since I’ve known her! (so like, since she was 12.) She describes herself as a 20-something with an interest for video games, cats, anime, and girls with gravity-defying hair (if it wasn’t already obvious).

Staci’s go-to art supply is her neon yellow Gelly Roll gel pen– for that extra pop of color. When it comes to food, she’s all about the tuna subs. But let’s get down to some deep, nerdy inquiries.

Who/What inspires your work? Why?

I’d say my biggest inspiration is probably all the cool female characters I grew up with like the Sailor Scouts, Zelda, Cardcaptor Sakura, and Sango from Inuyasha! They were all so strong and graceful and I like to think my art represents that a little. I also pull a lot of inspiration from other artists that I know personally and those I follow on Instagram. 
Do you have any advice for those who want to “learn how to art” but don’t know where to start?
Just draw what you’re into and stick to it; along the way you’ll learn everything you need to know! And don’t be afraid to experiment!

Be sure to check out her Instagram Page for more of her amazing work!

She is also currently selling on her Redbubble and is making her way to table at local conventions in the North Florida area!

Want to support her directly? Hit up her ko-fi!

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The world needs to know that local artists have GOT THE JUICE and I want to help! If you or anyone you know is a local artist from NC, email sleepscribblesart@gmail.com! I’ll have a survey ready for you to fill out and will be asking for examples of your work. No prior experience is required!  Just show me what you’ve got!

This is a chance for local, not-so-known artists who need to be seen, to BE seen. I’ll be promoting an artist on a weekly to bi-weekly basis (depending on the volume) via this blog and all my other social media platforms. We’ll have special guests as well and hope to be doing some LIVE interviews in the coming months!